Caring for Old Carpet

Your house represents the biggest investment you’ll ever make so it’s imperative to make the house into a home. There are steps you can take to beautify your home such as installing carpeting. However, carpet does have its downsides which make some people reconsider. One of the negatives of owning carpet is its ability to store germs and debris within the carpet itself. Just vacuuming only cleans the surface of the carpet, but dirt can actually escape deep into the carpet fibers. The only way to completely avoid this problem is by purchasing machine washable rugs, or learning how to wash rugs in a washing machine.

The Problem With Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are excellent for occasionally cleaning the carpet, but they’re insufficient for prolonged use. These antiquated devices are good for cleaning the top of the carpet, but unfortunately, this is all they do. In fact, traditional vacuums can actually drive dirt and debris deeper into the fabric of the carpets and rugs. This is especially true of heavier dirt which the vacuum isn’t strong enough to lift. On the surface, the carpet will appear to be clean, but this isn’t the case. There are deep cleaning vacuums, and they are better for removing ground in dirt. Unfortunately, even this variety is capable of driving dirt deep into the fabric of the carpet which means you’ll need another solution.

Vacuuming can Make Matters Worse

If you’ve ever vacuumed old carpet then you’ve probably noticed the musty scent in the air after you’re finished. The older the carpet is, the more likely you are to notice the scent. The reason “cleaning” the carpet results in such a terrible smell is all the dirt and germs that are left within the carpet and the padding. All vacuuming does is draw this dirt and debris to the surface, re-depositing them into the air. Even if you use a powdered carpet cleaner, you’ll only be covering the scent with a new aroma. To truly clean your home, you’ll either have to shampoo or replace the hallway runners. Fortunately, both of these options are rather affordable and they may be necessary.

Replacing carpet can be difficult, but nearly anyone without mobility issues can do it. You’ll first need to measure for the new caret, because it’s typically sold by the yard. After you know how much carpet you’ll need, it’s time to find the best available deal. You’ll need to shop around, because you could save thousands on a house full of carpet. Once you’ve ordered the carpet, you’ll need to remove the old carpet which is the most difficult step. You’ll probably need a razor to make the initial cut along the baseboard. You should be able to lift the carpet without much issue unless it’s nailed to the walls. If it is, you’ll probably have to remove the molding along the wall as well. You also need to remove the old padding before you install the new carpet.

Even if you choose to replace the carpet, it’s important to shampoo it at least once every six months. dry cleaning will only do so much and it does nothing to address the padding. Shampooing the carpet cleans the fibers and removes years of ground in dirt and odor.